• UX Specialized Logistics has been a true partner to us. They are always willing to listen and bring many good ideas to the table. They have been instrumental in achieving our cost-savings goals while maintaining or improving the level of service they provide.
Joe Russo, Conde Nast

• X Specialized Logistics has proven through their expertise and best in class service to be a superior strategic partner. UX's flexibility and dependability have allowed me to offer my clients successful solutions that cater to their individual needs and strengthen my relationships with those clients. The entire UX organization has become trusted partners that I depend upon and look forward to dealing with into the future.U
David Portalatin, Williams Lea

• Since 2004 our impressions of UX Specialized Logistics have not changed, they are the epitome of effective, economical and efficient service. They never miss a beat, always timely pick up, always timely delivery. They have never lost a package to date, and customer care is at the top of their list. We have recommended them to many professional colleagues.
Marc J. Strohl, Protax Consulting Services

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