Ok, so you've placed an order for home delivery and your client can't wait to receive their shipment. They want it yesterday. Now you begin to worry and ask yourself, how will we deliver your goods quickly and efficiently? I have two words for you: Automated Scheduling.

After an order is placed, our proprietary online system will automatically call your client and present them with the first 2 available delivery days. Once they accept a day, the system will update the system and advance the order.

Do your clients need gentle reminders on when they will be receiving your shipment? Our Delivery Confirmation Pre-Call will generate a confirmation call the day before delivery. That way there's no confusion.

Some clients find phone calls so 2009. If the order has a valid cell phone number or email address, our system will send a text or email with the first 3 available delivery dates.

Our drivers and dispatchers also benefit from cutting-edge technology UX Home Delivery's web-based system analyzes all delivery locations and generates the most efficient route based upon our pre-defined criteria. You never have to worry whether we'll show up where and when we should.

So now you see how we do it. State-of-the-art technology and thoughtful customer service put exceptional home delivery in our capable hands and your valuable shipments in your clients.

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