Look no further than UX Specialized Logistics . Under our comprehensive umbrella, we incorporate four dedicated companies that cover it all. Urban Express Same Day handles all of your quick-turnaround, business-to-business delivery needs, while UX Home Delivery brings your valuable goods to families across the country, providing 24-hour customer support. UX Warehousing offers complete fulfillment services and UX Assembly & Installation puts together all of your appliances, furniture and electronics, including store set ups and take downs. Click on the company you require to gain solutions to your logistics problems and a valuable asset to your business.

800 couriers a day, making over 7,000 deliveries every single day on time. Need a reason to change your courier service? Theres your answer.

Home is where the heart is and thats also where your clients want their favorite stuff. They order only the best from you, so they expect only the best delivery service. And thats exactly what we deliver (no pun intended).

The definition of shelter is "to provide cover or protection for" and thats what UX Warehousing, in essence, does for your goods. We protect them from the harsh elements, catalogue them and schedule them for delivery.

Shipping furniture with a hundred tiny pieces or 60-inch flat screens needing professional installation? In business for more than 25 years, we ve been solving installation and assembly problems for a long time.


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