1978-1979 | Earlybird Delivery pioneers the use of bike messengers in NYC.
We revolutionize the way things are done and deliver your packages faster than you thought possible.
1983 | Earlybird opens its first client site location.
Great customer service is the name of the game and we've just stepped it up.
1992 | The first computerized system is implemented.
Your packages are tracked to the second, your deliveries scheduled on time and important paperwork can never be lost.

2000 | Earlybird Delivery officially becomes Urban Express and standardize free uniforms, paid vacations, medical benefits and radios to couriers.
We look better, feel better and can communicate a whole lot better: Our true identity is born.

2001 | Urban Express rolls out 2-way data and online order entry and tracking.
Our cutting-edge technology gives us the edge over our competition.

2002 | Urban Express moves to a new location, 229 West 36th Street.
Now we're right where we need to be: centrally located and ready to pick up the pace.

2003 | Urban Express enters the home delivery market.
We deliver your goods to your customers' satisfaction and follow up with a survey to make sure of it.

2004 | Urban Express opens a warehouse in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
With this new facility and just-down-the-road convenience, we can receive, deluxe, organize and schedule your deliveries.

2007 | Urban Express launches UX Assembly & Installation.
We bring it. We put it together. We clean up afterwards. Say so long to stress.

2008 |Urban Express opens warehouses in Maryland and Massachusetts.
Up and down the east coast, we're managing your critical inventory. You can pick it up conveniently or leave it to all to us.

2009 | Urban Express launches nationwide service.
"Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move..." Finally the whole country gets to see what all the fuss is about.

2010 | Urban Express is relaunched as UX Specialized Logistics.
We've rewritten the rules about what effective can be. From 4 flourishing specialty businesses comes one obsessed-with-success, forward-thinking logistics company: Synergy is born. We put the focus on our clients so they can focus on their clients.


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