E85 Program UX Specialized Logistics is committed to converting qualified drivers to E85,allowing their vehicle to use sustainable bio-fuel. The installation of these conversion kits is quick and easy as well an excellent way of promoting a sustainable fuel source. E85 fueling stations are readily available in our area and drivers who are converted are given a list of E85 participating stations.

Route Optimization UX Specialized Logistics utilizes Cheetah route optimization software for all our routed vehicles. This means that we calculate the most efficient routes possible, decreasing driving time and distance, which in turn minimizes fuel consumption.

Carbon Offsets For our clients who are interested in participating, UX Specialized Logistics offers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets with every delivery. UX Specialized Logistics purchases carbon offsets for our customers based on the average mileage and type of delivery. In most cases this is less than 5% of the delivery cost.

New Vehicle Program Qualified drivers are eligible for our new vehicle program. UX Specialized Logistics will contribute $5,000 as the down payment when a driver purchases a new vehicle. This program helps reduce the average age of our fleet, minimize breakdowns and ensures that we utilize the most up to date, fuel efficient vehicles available.

Vehicle Specifications and Inspections UX Specialized Logistics only utilizes drivers equipped with vehicles that exceed our strict vehicle standards. In addition, vehicles are subject to periodic inspections to ensure that they are properly maintained. This ensures that no vehicle in our fleet is too old or not in good condition. Old and poorly maintained vehicles are much less efficient than new properly maintained vehicles.

No Idling Policy Our warehouses and offices maintain a strict “No Idling” policy. Idling vehicles are a very inefficient use of energy. All of loading and unloading activities will be performed while the vehicle is turned off.

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